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Graham Storey
Commercial Real Estate

I’m a commercial real estate broker in Raleigh Durham. I work at a firm that owns 200M in assets across North Carolina. I have been in CRE 5 years and started my investing career 2 years ago. I’m a Christain entrepreneur and love what I do!

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Daryl Dean Santos
Daryl Santos Farmers Insurance Agency/Insurance

I’m a professional risk advisor. He has been in the insurance industry for over a decade this past June.

My family mission is to live out our values And serve as many people as possible while being good stewards of the blessings given to us by God.

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Max Lopatin
Real Estate / Video Marketing

Working for a creative marketing agency (5+ years). Created video campaigns for some awesome brands like Nike, Lululemon, & Cliff Bar.  Quit to pursue Real Estate full time. Have a few rentals, full time agent, and flip houses. Now using that knowledge to create my real estate content and awareness.

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Evan Price
Ranchette Development

I'm Big Price... nuff said. 😆🤠

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JW Robinson
Real Estate Sales, Development, consulting

Hey, I’m an entrepreneur who reinvest profits into more developments. I primarily focus on ranch and recreational properties near Yellowstone National Park. I have worked with Billionaires like Kanye West as well as smaller properties for Airbnb owners or personal get-a-ways. I would love to join podcast related to real estate, developments, and personal growth.

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Patryk Swietek
Real Estate

I am a young STR Investor with 26 properties in the Joshua Tree area. I have my own conferences of 250 people on STR investing. I’ve achieved this success in short amount of time through leverage, including buying a property management company.

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Lynnette Zulquairnain
Occupational Therapy

I am a mother of 4 with one with special needs, I am currently starting my own therapy business, and we just purchased our first home we are house hacking at the moment.

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Vince Minniti
Real Estate

I just started solid media with a purpose. 🚀. 300+ flips.

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Kristin Stampini
Real Estate

At 40 $700 to my name bankrupt and broken today own 6 companies bringing in over 4 million a year.

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Brian Tran
Real Estate - Flipping


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Austin Hines
Mortgage Broker


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